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Taking the proper advice is critical in military divorce

Once a couple announces that they are planning to divorce, well-meaning friends and family members often rush in to try and assist. It seems that everyone has experience with divorce, either firsthand or by witnessing the divorce of someone close to them. When it comes to moving through the steps in a military divorce, however, Florida spouses need to know which advice to take and which to set aside. 

Military divorce case centers on relinquishing parental rights

There have been numerous child custody cases in recent years that focus on same-sex couples and child custody matters. A current military divorce between same-sex spouses, however, is focused on a different type of parenting matter. A woman is asking her state's Supreme Court to dissolve her parental rights. The outcome could impact similar matters in Florida and across the nation. 

Considering debt during a military divorce

For Florida residents who are facing the end of a marriage, understanding the full implications of that process is important. Military divorce will shape the financial lives of both parties for many years to come. In terms of property division, spouses need to know that debt will be divided in much the same way as marital assets.

How could mental health impact a military divorce?

For many Florida military families, mental health concerns abound. When a servicemember returns home, he or she often has a challenging time readjusting to normal family life. For some, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) makes it nearly impossible to seamlessly re-enter society. For others, lingering sleep disorders, generalized anxiety and other mental health issues can lead to damaged relationships. Military divorce could follow, leaving both spouses unsure about how mental health may come into play.

Different levels of tension could lead to military divorce

A recent study looked closely at the different ways that husbands and wives experience marital stress using data collected from 355 couples over a time range of 16 years. Researchers discovered that men experienced a far greater increase in tension over the course of a marriage than women. They also found that, when tension levels differ between husband and wife, an increased risk of divorce follows. This may be of interest to many Florida couples who are considering a military divorce.

How to know when military divorce is the best available option

Reaching a decision to divorce is never a simple or easy matter. In many cases, Florida spouses struggle for years before deciding to pull the plug on an untenable marriage. It can be hard to know when a military divorce is the best available option. Here are some circumstances in which it may be time to give divorce serious consideration.

Military divorce will lead to significant tax changes

When Florida service members are going through divorce, often the last thing on their minds is the manner in which their tax scenario will change once that process is finalized. However, in order to make the best possible decisions during a military divorce, it is important to consider a number of financial matters, including tax obligations. Working through the outcomes of various decisions can help spouses make choices that are in line with their long term goals.

Tips for finding a good military divorce attorney

When the time comes to bring a marriage to a close, choosing the right attorney can make all the difference in the world. For many Florida spouses, a divorce marks the first time in their lives when they will have to use the services of an attorney. Knowing how to select the best possible match is important, especially for families who are facing a military divorce. The following tips are offered in the hopes of guiding military spouses through this process.

Understanding how to handle an IRA in a military divorce

In an effort to achieve a swift and less contentious divorce, some Florida couples will choose to process their divorce on their own, without the assistance of an attorney. The shared goal of a collaborative divorce is an honorable one, and deserves respect. However, reaching the end of a military divorce without serious error requires a particular set of skills. This is where legal services come into play, because even the most collaborative couples can still make mistakes that can cost them in the long run.

Track expenses well in advance of military divorce

For Florida spouses who are seriously considering ending their marriage, there is no such thing as being overprepared. In order to reach the most advantageous military divorce settlement, spouses need to pay close attention to current financial status, as well as their projected financial needs for the years ahead. Doing so can help spouses make more informed and, therefore, better decisions when it comes to financial matters, including divorce.

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