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Military divorce differs in some ways from a civilian divorce

While serving on our nation's armed forces is a noble thing to do, frequent moves and long deployments can take a toll on a marriage. Sometimes the stress is simply too much, and military spouses will decide to divorce. It is important for service members in Lakeland, Florida, to understand how a military divorce differs from a civilian divorce, so they can protect their rights.

Don't let a military divorce tank your health

Ending a marriage can place a toll on Florida residents and can even cause negative health ramifications. According to researchers, people who divorce have a higher likelihood of serious health consequences as compared with those who are married. Understanding these statistics can help Florida spouses take steps to protect their health and wellness during and after a military divorce.

Get an attorney who understands military divorce

You and your spouse have decided to end your marriage. It is okay -- it happens to a lot of couples in Florida and elsewhere. There is light at the end of the tunnel; you can get through it. If you or your spouse is a member of the armed forces, you may find some aspects of divorce a little different than a traditional marital dissolution. Getting an attorney who gets military divorce may help. 

Facebook could play a central role in a military divorce

According to family law attorneys, Facebook is becoming an almost standard part of many Florida divorce cases. The social media site is nothing less than a gold mine of information about a spouse's social connections, whereabouts and spending habits. Facebook is also, sadly, the beginning of many affairs, leading to many military divorce cases.

Taking the proper advice is critical in military divorce

Once a couple announces that they are planning to divorce, well-meaning friends and family members often rush in to try and assist. It seems that everyone has experience with divorce, either firsthand or by witnessing the divorce of someone close to them. When it comes to moving through the steps in a military divorce, however, Florida spouses need to know which advice to take and which to set aside. 

Military divorce case centers on relinquishing parental rights

There have been numerous child custody cases in recent years that focus on same-sex couples and child custody matters. A current military divorce between same-sex spouses, however, is focused on a different type of parenting matter. A woman is asking her state's Supreme Court to dissolve her parental rights. The outcome could impact similar matters in Florida and across the nation. 

Considering debt during a military divorce

For Florida residents who are facing the end of a marriage, understanding the full implications of that process is important. Military divorce will shape the financial lives of both parties for many years to come. In terms of property division, spouses need to know that debt will be divided in much the same way as marital assets.

How could mental health impact a military divorce?

For many Florida military families, mental health concerns abound. When a servicemember returns home, he or she often has a challenging time readjusting to normal family life. For some, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) makes it nearly impossible to seamlessly re-enter society. For others, lingering sleep disorders, generalized anxiety and other mental health issues can lead to damaged relationships. Military divorce could follow, leaving both spouses unsure about how mental health may come into play.

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