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Child custody case focuses on rights of Florida Native tribe

From time to time, a custody fight involving a Native American tribe makes headlines across the nation. Tribes have their own courts and law enforcement, but their jurisdiction is strictly limited to tribal lands. When a child custody fight involves a child of Native American descent, a legal battle sometimes erupts between parties, tribal courts and state courts. An example is found in a current case in Kendall, Florida.

Florida parents lose child custody of baby through tribal court

A custody battle is never a simple or easy thing to navigate. For one Florida couple, however, their child custody struggle is even more distressing than the norm. The couple lost custody of their infant daughter just days after her birth, based on a tribal court proceeding that they were unaware was even taking place. 

Child custody fight centers on teen's identity as transgender

One state is facing an unusual custody battle in which the wishes of a teenage child are at odds with those of the parents. The child custody matter centers on the teen's diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Born a female, the 17-year-old now identifies as a boy. That identity is at odds with the parents' opinions about their child's gender. Some Florida families are facing similar struggles. 

Understanding terms in child custody and visitation

In the early stages of a divorce, many Florida residents are confused about many aspects of the process. That is especially true in cases where child custody and visitation will play a role. Understanding the ins and outs of custody can be challenging, but it helps to start with the basics. 

How to discuss divorce, child custody with friends and family

For many Florida spouses, deciding how to break the news of divorce to friends and family is one of the most stressful parts of the process. Most people don't know where to begin this delicate conversation, and are uncertain how to broach the subject in a way that will not be upsetting to others or leave people feeling as though they must choose sides in a divorce or child custody case. Here are some tips on how to discuss divorce and child custody with others in a way that is healthy and balanced.

Child custody can be complicated for disabled parents

Most custody cases are battles waged between parents, each wanting a greater share of time with their children. In some cases, however, a child custody case is between a parent and the state. When disabled parents face a child custody challenge, they are often at a disadvantage in the eyes of the court, in Florida and elsewhere. 

Radicalization comes into child custody and visitation case

Parents in Florida and elsewhere can take an aggressive stance in the midst of a custody battle. In some cases, however, the claims that one parent make against the other receive national attention. An example is found in a current child custody matter in which a mother claims that her son's father is radicalizing the boy.

Why did a judge rule on child custody case involving a rapist?

An unusual custody case has led to outrage in Florida and across the nation. A judge granted sole child custody rights to the mother, a 21-year-old woman. However, the court also named a 27-year-old man as the child's father. The child in question was conceived when that man raped the mother when she was just 12 years of age.

Parents face child custody case and criminal charges

In the vast majority of custody battles, the parties fall along predictable lines. Two Florida parents are unable to see eye-to-eye over the care and custody of a shared child or children, and they take the matter before a court. There are child custody cases, however, that do not fit this mold. An example is found in a couple facing both a child custody battle and criminal charges in connection with the death of their third child.

Child custody dispute led to parental abduction

Few things are more stressful to Florida parents than a bitter custody battle. That is especially true when one parent feels strongly that his or her child would be better off having no connection to the other parent. In such cases, a small number of parents consider fleeing with their child to avoid having to comply with a child custody determination. This, however, is always a poor decision, and can result in criminal charges and a full loss of child custody rights.

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