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Supreme Court justices stay quiet in hearing on military divorce

The justices of the Supreme Court were unusually quiet earlier this week in a case that will decide how military retirement benefits ought to be divided in divorce. According to a report in SCOTUSblog, remarks "fly fast and furious from all the justices" during a typical hearing, leaving lawyers little time to speak.

The justices' silence, meanwhile, is frustrating. When they ask a question, or make an offhand-seeming comment, it can be an indication of how they will ultimately decide a case. When they say nothing, however, it is nearly impossible to tell which way they may lean.

Attorney Amanda Salcido has served her country as a member of the U.S. Army JAG Corp for more than 10 years. Her military experience spans nearly two decades. Ms. Salcido provides professional legal guidance for service members and non-service members alike.

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