Divorce is unforgiving in many aspects of life, one aspect of which is the pocketbook. While many people are aware of and worried about alimony and child support payments, some completely disregard the actual cost of the divorce process itself.

Depending on your situation, your divorce can cost tens of thousands of dollars alone. However, there are some ways that you can save money on your divorce. According to Debt.com, to save money you should do as much of the legwork for your divorce yourself as you can and make sure that you moderate communication with your divorce attorney.

What legwork can I do?

At the heart of it, divorce is actually nothing more than a lawsuit. And, like most lawsuits, it focuses on the financials. Many people going through divorce spend tens of thousands of dollars on billable hours for their lawyer to track down information like expense reports or credit statements.

This is information that you can absolutely look up on your own and it will be far cheaper for you to do so. Make sure to communicate frequently with your lawyer and offer to do as much legwork as possible. Of course, your lawyer should be in charge of legal briefs or anything directly related to the law, but sourcing your own paperwork will save money.

How should I moderate communication?

Divorce may be nothing more than a lawsuit, but it is often a highly emotional lawsuit. It is natural to want somebody to talk to, but keep in mind that if you call up your lawyer and keep him or her on the phone for hours with tales of your ex’s recent escapades, you pay by the hour for this. To optimize costs, keep most communication to email.