While Florida courts do not discriminate on the basis of a parent’s gender, child custody has historically been difficult for fathers to obtain. Every family’s situation is of course unique, but when it comes to keeping your child, you do not want to cut any corners.

If you can arbitrate through a third party in a process known as mediation, you can avoid a lot of grief in the courtroom. Unfortunately, this option requires the willing participation of both you and your spouse, and that just may not be possible in your situation. If your spouse has already filed with the court for custody of your child, you may want to consider some of these strategies.

Conducting yourself effectively

The impression you give in the courtroom can make an impact on the final decision that a judge makes. very well Family advises that even if your emotions are tense, you should treat the other parent with respect and dignity throughout the whole process.

If you want to make a strong case in court, you will want to be prepared with a plan for your child’s education, living accommodations and other aspects of his or her life. Make sure your assets are in order, as you may be asked about how financially prepared you are to raise your child on your own.

Attending to your child’s needs

In addition to the preparedness factors mentioned above, it is also wise to keep a record of your visitation schedule, as this can help win custody. The court will seek to make a decision that it deems to be in the child’s best interests, so you’ll want to regularly attend your child’s important events, maintain a strong relationship with your child and, if you have child support payments, always make them on time and keep a record of every payment you have made.