When it comes to child custody, a variety of factors affect how courts decide to award custody. From a parent’s financial security to their relationship with the children, many different aspects of a parent’s life play a role in their ability to secure custody rights. However, many other issues also affect custody decisions, such as drunk driving. If you are currently facing DUI charges or were recently charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence, it is important to realize the potential consequences of the case.

Moreover, it is also important to consider your options if you are trying to win a custody battle and your ex is facing DUI charges.

Handling DUI charges

It is imperative to focus on your DUI case and take steps to secure a more favorable outcome. For example, if you were falsely accused of DUI due to a faulty breathalyzer, you need to stand up for your rights since this will affect many facets of your life. It is also vital to have a clear understanding of the potential impact on custody, especially if you and your spouse are in the middle of a contentious battle over child custody.

Your child’s well-being

If your ex is in the middle of a DUI case, you likely have concerns about their ability to raise kids. For example, many parents worry about a former partner’s drinking problem or their poor decision to operate a vehicle while drunk. It is imperative to bring these concerns up in court and do everything in your power to safeguard your child’s best interests. Please review our site for more on custody cases.