Life in the military can affect not only those enrolled but their spouses and children as well, especially when families split due to divorce. The employment website Monster reports that nearly 30 percent of individuals in a military career get divorced, with some branches experiencing higher rates than others.

Not all military divorces happen for the same reasons; however, there are a few common patterns that appear, and knowing what they are may help you feel less alone if you are experiencing the end of your marriage to a military worker.

Lengthy deployments 

When you married, it is likely you understood that your spouse might have to leave the country on deployment sometime in the future. Despite this knowledge, the reality of separation during this time can lead to feelings of stress, loneliness and a sense of emotional detachment to your partner. Eventually, you may feel you and your spouse have nothing in common anymore.

Forced secrecy 

During deployment, communication between you and your spouse may break down because he or she cannot tell you about the location of a mission and what it entails. While this secrecy is usually required by the military, it may lead to feelings of emotional isolation and an inability to relate to your partner in a way that allows other couples to remain close.

Life after serving 

Soldiers who return home after deployment may have trouble adjusting to the lives they lived previously and may have difficulty relating to friends and family. This may have a serious effect on your marriage.

Some careers pose a higher risk of divorce due to their nature; however, as a military spouse, you may find that the circumstances that cause divorce in this occupation are beyond your control.