While not automatic in every divorce case in Lakeland, an alimony obligation is often a common element included in a divorce settlement. As the primary income earner in your marital home, you likely accept this fact and the need to meet your obligation, looking forward to the day when it is no longer needed. Yet what if that day never comes? Such is the scenario that has faced many of those that we here at the Law Office of Amanda Salcido have worked with, and oftentimes that is due to their ex-spouses refusing to remarry in order to keep them obligated to pay alimony. If this describes your situation, you may reasonably be wondering if there is any legal recourse available to you.

According to Section 61.14 of Florida’s state statutes, there is. An alimony obligation can be modified (or even terminated) if it is shown that the recipient is in a supportive relationship. The burden of proof falls to you to bring this up to the court. Elements that you can present to prove this fact include:

  • The extent to which your ex-spouse and their new partner present themselves as a married couple
  • How far your ex-spouse and their new partner have gone in co-mingling their assets
  • Whether your ex-spouse’s new partner is financially supporting them (or your children when they are in your ex-spouse’s custody)
  • If your ex-spouse and their new partner have made significant purchases together
  • Whether your ex-spouse and their new partner have collaborated to increase something of value (such as restoring a home)

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