In the list of things divorcing parents must become accustomed to, child support can be one of the most daunting. If you are a parent receiving child support in Florida, you may be worried about how you can spend the money and whether your ex-spouse or the courts will keep tabs on how to spend the money. Even more worrisome – will they be able to dictate how you spend child support? 

It can put your mind at ease to learn that your child support spending will not be monitored or controlled, and your ex will not be informed as to how you spend the money. Your child support spending will be at your discretion, but you should understand that this money is not to be considered as extra cash or “fun” money. As the name implies, child support is meant for the benefit of your children. However, since your children’s emotional wellbeing is as important as their physical needs, your options are broad when it comes to acceptable child support expenditures, as FindLaw explains. 

For example, you may decide to only spend your child support money on your children’s physical necessities, such as food, clothing, medicine and doctor’s visits. You can also choose to use child support for basic living expenses like rent and utilities. If there are expenses involving your children’s education, you may use child support for their tuition, school uniforms, class fees and extracurricular activities. You may also decide to save the money for their future college expenses or an unforeseen emergency. 

You can also use part of your child support for something that enriches your children emotionally and creates happy memories, such as a birthday gift or night at the movies. Since this post is meant to be educational, it is important to realize that it should not replace the advice of a lawyer.