Parent in Florida never want to have to see their children hurt or upset. This natural inclination to protect kids makes it exceptionally difficult for moms and dads when the time comes for them to break the news to their children that the parents are getting divorced. While these conversations are never easy, there are some things parents can do to help their children through this process.

Parents magazine recommends that spouses prepare to hold a family meeting with all of their children together at once. This approach accomplishes several things. First, it avoids one child from being burdened with a big secret they must hold from their siblings if they are told first. It also allows parents to show their kids that the parents are still united when it comes to raising the family.

It may be helpful for moms and dads to collaborate on what they will say and even practice it out ahead of time, knowing that questions are likely to arise. The types of questions may vary greatly based on the ages of the children.

Today’s Parent notes that younger kids will focus on their day-to-day lives and need reassurance about who will read them a bedtime story or make them breakfast, for example. It is also important for parents to be prepared to answer the same questions multiple times for these youngsters. After the news has been shared, parents should make consistent efforts to check in with each child individually to help them manage their emotions, concerns and questions. This should be done in a way appropriate for their ages and stages of emotional development.