Ending a marriage can be expensive. Any number of factors can add costs to a process that is already emotionally stressful and can cause poor decisions to be made that only increase expenses. Knowing that a divorce is going to cost a lot of money can also intensify acrimony as each spouse tries to hold on to what they have in a Florida courtroom.

However, divorces can be less stressful if you understand how to reduce the cost of your marital separation. Forbes lists a number of ways spouses can cut down on divorce expenses.

Organize financial records

Many financial questions need to be resolved in a divorce. If your financial documents are disorganized, your attorney may wind up with the duty of pulling your file together. If you can, organize your records yourself so that your attorney does not have to track down your financial records. If you can compose your documents yourself, you do not need to pay your attorney to do it for you.

Be prepared

You will discuss a lot of issues with your attorney, but remember that your attorney is on the clock while working with you. Consolidate your communications so that you do not spend as much time talking with your legal counsel. Go over the issues you want to discuss and schedule a call in advance to make your communications more efficient. Opting for email can also help save some time if you are clear and brief in your messages.

Clear your emotions

Divorces are known for bringing out simmering feelings, but those feelings of anger or anguish can cost you money if you are not careful. Intense emotion can fuel fights over which spouse should receive a simple household item like a lamp. If you clear your feelings, you can decide whether litigating ownership of certain items is truly worth the cost. Additionally, you might feel the need to rant about your spouse to your attorney, but that will just keep your lawyer on the clock for a longer period of time.

Mediation and collaborative divorce

Forbes explains that if it is possible to do so, consider a different means of ending your marriage other than taking the matter to court. Resolving your divorce through mediation or engaging in collaborative divorce can reduce your expenses. Each method gives you greater control over the process, providing you quicker and cheaper ways to come to resolutions in a less stressful environment.