In part because healthcare is so expensive, many Florida residents who live in or around Lakeland may have it on the forefront of their minds if they are going through a divorce.

Especially if they are on their spouse’s plan, they may be honestly worried about how they are going to afford their own insurance premiums, not to mention those inevitable out of pocket medical expenses.

Unfortunately, the general rule is that after a person divorces, he or she will no longer be able to remain on his or her spouse’s employer-sponsored plan.

Assuming he or she does not have other insurance available, using the process called COBRA may allow the person to keep coverage for a few weeks, but only at what for some is an unaffordable cost.

Furthermore, it is always possible for a person to make sure he or she accounts in some way for healthcare in the divorce process itself, whether via a request for spousal support or as part of the property division process.

When it comes to military divorce, there is a limited exception to the general rule. Specifically, a spouse who was married for 20 years or longer to a career member of the military may be able to remain on the military’s healthcare plan, TRICARE, indefinitely. In other cases, a spouse who was married long-term may be able to remain on TRICARE for one year after the divorce.

Healthcare is one of those issues that can easily get missed in the divorce process even though people worry about it. It may just seem that there are just more pressing matters. It is an important consideration, however, and a Florida resident should discuss it with his or her family law attorney.