Considering divorce? The best time to file may be in January

If you are considering a divorce, the best time for you to file might be approaching quickly. That is because January is the month that typically has the most divorce filings than any other time of the year. So much so, that the month has earned the nickname, "Divorce Month." If you are wondering why January has become such a popular month to file for divorce, the reasons may not be that surprising.

One of the strongest reasons that people wait until January to file for divorce is because they want to wait until the holiday season is over with. If you are divorcing with kids, you can go all the way back to early fall to see this play out. Filing when school starts probably seems like too busy of a time to disrupt things with a divorce. Then, before you know it, Thanksgiving rolls around and it is the holiday season. Nobody wants to go to holiday parties alone and announce that they are by themselves because of a divorce.

Other reasons why January is a popular time to file for divorce:

  • A new beginning - Maybe your divorce is not only a resolution you are going to keep, but one you will accomplish right away. The new year can also bring on a renewed sense of change. By looking at the full-year calendar you can plan out how you want your future to go, which may not be as easy to do in July. You may realize that by the time the divorce is finalized it will be spring or summer and that may be an easier time to set off on your own or start a new custody parenting plan.
  • Did you get a holiday bonus check? - Deciding to finally file for divorce can take a while as you jump over and around several obstacles you put in your own way. These obstacles can include the prior mentioned holidays, the age of the children and one of the biggest ones, if you are financially ready. You may be more comfortable filing if you start the year in good financial shape.
  • Tax considerations - Filing in January means that by the same time next year you should have everything with your divorce accomplished and have all your tax considerations planned out. Things such as mortgage interest deductions and child exemptions. By the following tax year, you can even change your filing status to single instead of head of household. 

Taking that final step and filing for divorce is not always easy for some people. That is why when the feeling of optimism from a fresh start kicks in, like at the start of a new year, they feel comfortable enough to follow through on big decisions. If you will soon be ready to start your new path, contact a family law attorney who can guide you on that new journey.

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