When parents in Florida are going through a divorce, one of their primary concerns will be what happens to their child. Each parent may be facing the fact that there will be times when their child is not in their care, but instead is in the care of their ex. This may lead parents to worry about how they will maintain a relationship with their child post-divorce.

However, many parents may find that, despite a divorce, they are able to establish a child custody, called parental responsibility in Florida, arrangement with their ex that meets the needs of all involved. Since ultimately the best interests of the child must prevail, it is rare that a parental responsibility arrangement will have an all-or-nothing outcome. Instead, parental responsibility will lean towards shared parenting and a plan that allows the child to have a meaningful relationship with both parents.

At the Law Office of Amanda Salcido, we understand that even in amicable divorces, the stakes are high when it comes to parental responsibility. We aim to develop an arrangement that meets the child’s best interests while still addressing our client’s goals. While we encourage parents to collaboratively work together to resolve any timesharing disputes. However, should the matter need to be litigated, Ms. Salcido will vigorously advocate for her client’s best interests.

Developing a parental responsibility plan can have its ups and downs. Parents may agree on some matters but disagree on others. When this happens, having a dedicated advocate on your side can prove to be essential to reaching a fair outcome that is agreeable to all involved.