Ending a marriage can place a toll on Florida residents and can even cause negative health ramifications. According to researchers, people who divorce have a higher likelihood of serious health consequences as compared with those who are married. Understanding these statistics can help Florida spouses take steps to protect their health and wellness during and after a military divorce.

Specifically, researchers found that divorced people were more likely to smoke or live a sedentary lifestyle as compared to those who were married. It’s possible that spouses serve an important role in calling out poor health choices and supporting positive diet and exercise changes. A divorce can also bring on a type of grieving period, which some people may respond to with poor nutrition and feelings of lethargy.

It’s important to note that not everyone will experience declining health after a military divorce. Some people will embrace this time of transition and take steps to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. Others will hit the gym and lose some extra weight as they prepare to begin dating again.

Statistics involving divorce and negative health consequences are important, as they provide Florida residents with the information needed to keep a close eye on their own health. Moving through a military divorce can be a challenge, but for those who take steps to actively protect their health, the outcome can be anything but negative. With the right blend of motivation and effort, a healthier lifestyle could be right around the corner from a military divorce.

Source: marketwatch.com, “Why divorce is bad for your health (like, really bad)“, Maria Lamagna, May 31, 2018