When a Florida couple decides to file for divorce, financial decisions are usually some of the most contentious topics. If spousal support, also known as alimony, comes into play, the discussions between the former couple may tend to become slightly more heated. This would be true for most couples, regardless of their jobs or financial status. It is certainly the case for one celebrity couple in another state.

Julie Bowen, one of the stars of the ABC comedy, Modern Family, had filed for divorce from her husband, Scott Phillips, in Feb. 2018. Recently, Phillips, a real estate developer, has asked for spousal support from Bowen. Court documents show that Phillips has also requested joint physical and legal custody of the couple’s children. They have three sons together, one 10-year-old and twins who are 8 years old.

The couple, who got married in Sept. 2004, were last seen together with their sons at an event in Feb. 2017. Bowen recently filed a subpoena to receive copies of Phillips’ financial transactions since. She was listed as the sixth-highest-paid television actress in 2017 in a Forbes article, reportedly earning $12 million that year.

A couple may be dealing with questions about alimony, even if they don’t have high-profile jobs on television or multi-million dollar salaries. A knowledgeable Florida attorney can provide valuable assistance to any individual going through a divorce. Whether a person hopes to receive spousal support or will be the one paying it, a trusted lawyer will act in the clients’ best interests. A dedicated legal team will help clients navigate through the complexities of the legal process and work toward achieving the best outcome possible in the divorce.

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