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Attorney Amanda Salcido can help you develop a tailored
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Resourceful Legal Guidance In Family Law Cases

Attorney Amanda Salcido can help you develop a tailored plan of action that makes sense for your situation

Have your assets gone missing in divorce?

| Mar 10, 2018 | blog |

In a perfect world, spouses who decide to divorce would always be able to do so in a swift, amicable manner. In reality, more times than not, various problems or disagreements arise in divorce that cause a delayed settlement. If you are well aware of your rights and also what options may be available in a particular situation to help you resolve a problem issue, you may be able to get things back on track before they get too out of hand.

Are you currently facing a problem where you suspect something is not right regarding assets to which you believe you’ll have rightful ownership when the court conducts property division proceedings? If you think your spouse is up to no good and may be trying to keep certain assets from becoming subject to division, you would definitely not be the first person in Florida to encounter such obstacles in divorce. This type of behavior is illegal and there are definite steps you can take to protect your rights.

How to determine if your spouse is hiding assets

Even if you were determined to be as fair and agreeable as possible in divorce, there’s not much you can do about another person’s actions. If you think your spouse is committing an assets crime, the following list of warning signs may help confirm or deny your suspicions:

  • Is there money missing from your joint bank account? That may be a sign of a hidden asset problem, especially if you’re also noticing bank statements coming in the mail that refer to an account you did not know existed.
  • Sometimes, spouses try to hide cash by claiming to repay friends or family members who supposedly granted them loans. If you suspect deception, you may want to further investigate the matter. The way it typically works is that the alleged lender will hold on to the money until the court finalizes the divorce, then give it back to the deceiving spouse.
  • Using multiple cellphones often signifies that a spouse may be trying to hide assets.
  • If you and your spouse own a business, and you believe your spouse has added fraudulent information to the payroll, such as employees that don’t exist, it definitely warrants inquiry regarding possible hidden assets.
  • Has your spouse been overpaying the debt on credit cards? This is also a common means of hiding assets, as any overpayment translates into available funds on hand.

Your initial reaction may be to confront your spouse and demand an explanation for suspicious financial behavior. While it’s completely understandable you would want to do so, it’s also critical to remember that gathering as much evidence as possible may help you obtain a successful solution in the long-run, especially if your situation leads to formal accusations and litigation.

Investigation support available

Other Florida spouses who have dealt with hidden asset problems in divorce have sought assistance from experienced family law attorneys. This type of support can help protect your rights and make sure you get all that you’re entitled to in divorce.