According to family law attorneys, Facebook is becoming an almost standard part of many Florida divorce cases. The social media site is nothing less than a gold mine of information about a spouse’s social connections, whereabouts and spending habits. Facebook is also, sadly, the beginning of many affairs, leading to many military divorce cases.

Most people are unaware that Facebook tracks and stores virtually everything that is posted, linked or liked. That includes private messaging and things that users delete from their accounts. While a divorce court may not be focused on the graphic details of an extramarital affair, issues related to how that affair was supported can certainly become a focus.

For example, if a spouse purchases airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars or other tools used to enable an affair, that is directly impacting marital wealth. Buying gifts or giving money to an extramarital partner is even more damning in the eyes of most courts. Removing money in such ways is referred to as dissipation of marital wealth, and it is a serious matter.

Most Florida attorneys would warn their clients to avoid Facebook and other social media sites if there is any chance that a military divorce is on the horizon. Barring that, spouses should use extreme caution when using social media. Everything posted, messaged or displayed on those sites can be brought front and center in a military divorce case. According to many family law attorneys, social media is becoming one of the richest sources of information and data available.

Source: Time, “Divorce Lawyer: Facebook Is a Cheating Machine“, James Sexton, March 26, 2018