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Facebook could play a central role in a military divorce

According to family law attorneys, Facebook is becoming an almost standard part of many Florida divorce cases. The social media site is nothing less than a gold mine of information about a spouse's social connections, whereabouts and spending habits. Facebook is also, sadly, the beginning of many affairs, leading to many military divorce cases.

Florida parents lose child custody of baby through tribal court

A custody battle is never a simple or easy thing to navigate. For one Florida couple, however, their child custody struggle is even more distressing than the norm. The couple lost custody of their infant daughter just days after her birth, based on a tribal court proceeding that they were unaware was even taking place. 

Husband of television actress seeking alimony

When a Florida couple decides to file for divorce, financial decisions are usually some of the most contentious topics. If spousal support, also known as alimony, comes into play, the discussions between the former couple may tend to become slightly more heated. This would be true for most couples, regardless of their jobs or financial status. It is certainly the case for one celebrity couple in another state.

Have your assets gone missing in divorce?

In a perfect world, spouses who decide to divorce would always be able to do so in a swift, amicable manner. In reality, more times than not, various problems or disagreements arise in divorce that cause a delayed settlement. If you are well aware of your rights and also what options may be available in a particular situation to help you resolve a problem issue, you may be able to get things back on track before they get too out of hand.

The role of art in a high asset divorce

Many wealthy couples purchase art, expensive furnishings or other one-of-a-kind items during their marriage. In fact, art is often viewed as a way to not only establish one's position in the highest levels of society, but also as a means of sheltering money from taxes. When a Florida couple is headed for a high asset divorce, art can also serve as a vehicle for concealing wealth.

Spousal support alone cannot help build a retirement fund

A significant number of divorces in Florida involve stay-at-home parents who typically lose their financial independence and have minimal opportunity to build retirement funds. Even if the other spouse is ordered to pay spousal support, the amount is generally based on living expenses. Alimony is often limited to a specific period to allow that person to prepare for re-entry into the job market.

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