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Attorney Amanda Salcido can help you develop a tailored
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Resourceful Legal Guidance In Family Law Cases

Attorney Amanda Salcido can help you develop a tailored plan of action that makes sense for your situation

A solid family care plan may help military members in divorce

| Feb 7, 2018 | blog |

If you’re one of many proud members of the U.S. military whose home base is in Florida, you likely enjoy it when someone from the general population approaches you in public to thank you for your service. Like most good military service members, you probably offer humble thanks and quickly add that you’re simply fulfilling a duty like so many of your fellow countrymen. Military service members indeed make many personal sacrifices to protect and preserve the nation’s freedom and security.

It’s understandable you’d expect the military to provide helpful resources should you encounter a difficult family problem, such as divorce or child custody issues, while serving on active duty. In fact, the military mostly considers such issues civil matters; however, it offers assistance to its members to develop something known as a family care plan, which can be very useful to those going through divorce.

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Even if you do not expect to deploy in the near future, executing a thorough family care plan can help protect your parental rights and children’s best interests, especially if you’re preparing for divorce. The following facts explain the basics of a military family care plan, along with what resources are available to assist you:

  • Many military installations make a family care plan a requirement. It is especially crucial for single parents, so if you’re preparing to divorce, you’ll want to make sure your family care plan is in good order.
  • The one sure thing about military duty is that you can never be sure what your immediate future holds. You may think your superiors do not plan to activate your service then suddenly learn deployment is your next assignment. By having a solid family care plan in place ahead of time, you can rest easy that your rights will be protected and children’s needs will be well provided for in your absence.
  • One of the most crucial components of a military family care plan is to designate a guardian for your children. This person would possess a special Power of Attorney to act on your behalf with parental authority if your duties separate you from your children.
  • Your family care plan can specify instructions regarding your children’s medical care, education and financial needs.
  • You can also incorporate a final will and testament into your family care plan.
  • Although the civil court will determine your final child custody, visitation or child support orders, you may include written details of such (and any modifications to which the court agrees should something happen to you while deployed) in your family care plan.

It’s always a good idea to discuss your family care plan with your kids if they are old enough to understand. It can be quite challenging to try to resolve custody or other divorce issues while you serving overseas or at a domestic location outside the state of jurisdiction in your civil proceedings.

This is why most Florida military service members and those in other states often stay closely connected to experienced family law attorneys who can quickly step into action to help resolve any obstacles that arise.