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Do you have plans to invest after a high asset divorce?

In the aftermath of a Florida divorce, many people are uncertain about their next steps. That's especially true in regard to finances, and for spouses who allowed their partner to handle most of the family's financial needs. Investing wisely after a high asset divorce can help establish lasting financial stability and should be a top priority. Ideally, spouses will begin planning for investment even before the settlement is signed. 

Child custody fight centers on teen's identity as transgender

One state is facing an unusual custody battle in which the wishes of a teenage child are at odds with those of the parents. The child custody matter centers on the teen's diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Born a female, the 17-year-old now identifies as a boy. That identity is at odds with the parents' opinions about their child's gender. Some Florida families are facing similar struggles. 

Paternity is an important step in child support collection

For Florida parents who are not receiving financial support from their former partner, child support collection is an essential part of providing for their children. In many cases, the first step in collecting child support is a paternity action. Establishing paternity is important and is a step that should not be put off, even for parents who anticipate an uphill battle. 

A solid family care plan may help military members in divorce

If you're one of many proud members of the U.S. military whose home base is in Florida, you likely enjoy it when someone from the general population approaches you in public to thank you for your service. Like most good military service members, you probably offer humble thanks and quickly add that you're simply fulfilling a duty like so many of your fellow countrymen. Military service members indeed make many personal sacrifices to protect and preserve the nation's freedom and security.

Understanding terms in child custody and visitation

In the early stages of a divorce, many Florida residents are confused about many aspects of the process. That is especially true in cases where child custody and visitation will play a role. Understanding the ins and outs of custody can be challenging, but it helps to start with the basics. 

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