Once a couple announces that they are planning to divorce, well-meaning friends and family members often rush in to try and assist. It seems that everyone has experience with divorce, either firsthand or by witnessing the divorce of someone close to them. When it comes to moving through the steps in a military divorce, however, Florida spouses need to know which advice to take and which to set aside.

The best place to begin is by finding and hiring a skilled divorce attorney who has experience in military divorce. Having a trusted advisor to turn to with questions and concerns is important. Friends and family are excellent sources of moral support, but they often lead people astray with advice that is outdated, ill-suited to the matter at hand or simply wrong.

Another great resource is a financial advisor who specializes in divorce. A financial pro can help spouses work through various property division options to reach the most advantageous settlement. He or she can also advise on boosting credit scores or creating and sticking to a post-divorce budget, steps that are so often overlooked.

Finding the right source of advice is essential to Florida spouses preparing for a military divorce. Following advice from other sources can complicate matters as the divorce moves forward and can sometimes make it impossible to reach the desired outcome. So, when friends and family reach out and ask what they can do to help, assure them that their company and emotional support is all that’s needed.

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