Once a Florida spouse decides to move forward with a divorce, the next step is to secure the services of a divorce attorney. Finding the right attorney is essential to a favorable outcome, especially when it comes to high asset divorce. In many ways, this is a professional relationship that will have just as great an impact on a spouse’s life than many of his or her personal relationships.

To begin, ensure that prospective attorneys have experience working with high asset divorce cases. While divorce law applies to everyone, regardless of wealth, there are many intricacies involved in a high asset divorce that require a specialized approach. Choosing a legal advisor who is familiar with these complexities can make for an easier process.

It is also important to choose an attorney who specializes in the spouse’s preferred divorce approach. For example, if a spouse is certain that his or her partner is going to take a very adversarial stance in the divorce, it’s important to select an attorney who can fight fire with fire. On the other hand, spouses who want to pursue a collaborative divorce would be well served by an attorney who is willing and able to work in a collaborative manner.

Selecting an attorney to assist in a high asset divorce may be an intimidating process. For many in Florida, taking the time to do some research brings peace of mind. Others prefer to interview each prospect individually in order to get a feel for his or her personality. No matter which approach is taken, spouses should choose a legal advisor who offers the best fit for their needs.

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