Parents in Florida and elsewhere can take an aggressive stance in the midst of a custody battle. In some cases, however, the claims that one parent make against the other receive national attention. An example is found in a current child custody matter in which a mother claims that her son’s father is radicalizing the boy.

The mother is a naturalized American citizen who divorced her husband in 2013. They had two children together, and the mother claims that her ex-husband is teaching their son radical Islamic concepts during visitation time. She says her son is beginning to express extremist and radical anti-American viewpoints, which is a new development. She also shared of her experiences with her former husband and his desire to take on an additional wife — an effort she fought against.

Her claims are backed by reports from her son’s school. When the boy became involved in a discussion about religion with other students, he allegedly claimed that his religious beliefs include a willingness to die for his God. That comment resulted in a call to the police and ultimately the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

As the case moves forward, readers in Florida and elsewhere will see how the court approaches these unusual child custody claims. In weighing the matter, the court must balance the right of a father and son to have a healthy bond, religious freedoms and the need to prevent radicalization. The outcome could be viewed as a statement on the current political climate across the nation.

Source:, “New York mother fights for custody of son, says boy’s father is radicalizing their child”, Nov. 30, 2017