A recent study looked closely at the different ways that husbands and wives experience marital stress using data collected from 355 couples over a time range of 16 years. Researchers discovered that men experienced a far greater increase in tension over the course of a marriage than women. They also found that, when tension levels differ between husband and wife, an increased risk of divorce follows. This may be of interest to many Florida couples who are considering a military divorce.

According to researchers, men may feel worse about the status of their relationship because they enter the union with very high expectations. Women, on the other hand, may enter marriage with far more realistic expectations of their spouse. Interestingly, women are far more likely to initiate divorce than men.

When a husband seems far more satisfied with the status of the marriage than his wife, it may be based on a lack of concern over the health of the union. Keeping a marriage healthy and thriving requires a graduate amount of work on the part of both spouses. If a husband has given up, he may feel relatively secure about the union, while his wife may be growing increasingly frustrated.

For Florida spouses who are encountering marital difficulties and considering a military divorce, this information could be beneficial. Addressing tension within a marriage can be a healthy outcome for both spouses. That said, there are certain cases in which tensions have reached the level where the relationship can no longer be repaired, and a military divorce may be the best path forward.

Source: phys.org, “Differences in feelings of tension contribute to divorce“, Morgan Sherburne, Nov. 2, 2017