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How a financial advisor can assist in high asset divorce

One of the most difficult aspects of a Florida divorce is determining a fair division of marital wealth. In some cases, this need is further complicated by the efforts of one party to shield assets from the property division process. This can be especially challenging in a high asset divorce, where a couple's financial holdings can be very complex. The services of a financial advisor can be helpful in sorting out the full scope of marital wealth.

Don't forget college tuition during child custody negotiations

For many Florida parents, making sure that their child receives a college education is a top priority. During a divorce, however, that priority can be overlooked in favor of more pressing concerns. Unless college tuition and other expenses are specifically addressed in a divorce settlement and child custody agreement, parents have little recourse in securing assistance from their former partner when the time comes to begin writing checks.

Creative scheduling products can ease parental time-sharing

Managing a custody schedule can be a challenge for many Florida families, and it is easy for visitation exchanges to come in conflict with parental work schedules, school events and extracurricular activities. When time-sharing efforts begin to feel overwhelming, both parents and children suffer. One way to make things easier is by finding a scheduling solution that allows everyone to be on the same page when it comes to visitation.

Protect business interests from loss in high asset divorce

Starting a business is one of the most exciting goals that a Florida resident can undertake. There is virtually no limit to the amount of success that a business can achieve, and the monetary rewards can be truly life-altering. If a divorce takes place, however, business owners can lose a huge portion of that wealth. For those who are concerned about the potential for loss during a high asset divorce, it is important to take precautionary measures as soon as possible.

Parents lose child custody over their perceived intelligence

When a Florida couple heads into court to fight a custody battle, they are usually on opposite sides of the matter. In some cases, however, both parents stand together to fight for their child custody rights. Those cases can be some of the most difficult for families to face, as the fear of losing a child is deep rooted. An example is found in a recent case in which a couple lost their kids after their state of residence determined that they were not mentally capable of parenting.

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