Many Florida readers are familiar with the career of singer and performer Melanie Brown, also known as Mel B. Once a member of the enormously popular pop group, the Spice Girls, Mel B is currently a judge on the hit show America’s Got Talent. She has recently made headlines, however, for personal matters unrelated to her career trajectory. As she moves through a high profile and high asset divorce, her fans have come to learn a great deal about the singer.

In a recent ruling, Mel B was ordered to pay her husband $40,000 per month for temporary spousal support. When she filed for divorce in March, she asked the court to terminate her husband’s ability to seek spousal support. Not only has that request been denied, the singer has been ordered to pay spousal support retroactively dating back to May of this year.

In addition, she has been ordered to pay $140,000 for her estranged husband’s legal fees. Mel B made earlier assertions that her husband was physically and emotionally abusive. She claims that his abusive actions increased as her career reach new heights. There have also been assertions that he impregnated the couple’s nanny.

Florida fans will likely learn more about the singer’s high profile divorce as the case moves forward. The couple share a child, and custody is likely to become an issue, as well as child support. As is the case in so many high asset divorce instances, people who live very public lives often receive very little privacy when their personal relationships falter.

Source: People, “Mel B Ordered to Pay Ex $40,000 Per Month in Temporary Spousal Support Despite Her Shocking Abuse Claims“, Melody Chiu, July 14, 2017