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Mel B embroiled in high asset divorce case

Many Florida readers are familiar with the career of singer and performer Melanie Brown, also known as Mel B. Once a member of the enormously popular pop group, the Spice Girls, Mel B is currently a judge on the hit show America's Got Talent. She has recently made headlines, however, for personal matters unrelated to her career trajectory. As she moves through a high profile and high asset divorce, her fans have come to learn a great deal about the singer.

One state addresses paternity statute seeking clarification

As same-sex couples in Florida and other states continue to fight to secure their rights to marry and form families of their own, the law continues to lag behind. Even after the United States Supreme Court ruled to allow same-sex marriage, couples still encounter legal difficulties. Some of those problems are due to outdated language in state law that still discusses families in terms of "man" and "wife," or "mother" and "child." States are currently considering cases that involve the definition of "parent," sometimes based on the use of the word "paternity" in existing law.

Do you need tactical training when dealing with military divorce?

A great sense of pride comes along with being a member of the United States military. No matter to what branch of the military you may belong, your service should garner respect. You certainly make numerous sacrifices in your life in order to accommodate the duties and responsibilities placed on you by your military service. Though you may understand the necessity behind these sacrifices, you and your family may still feel strain.

Does a prenup increase the chances for high asset divorce?

Sitting down with one's intended and broaching the subject of a prenuptial agreement is a difficult situation, to be sure. Even when both parties believe that a prenup is an important precautionary step, no one wants to the be the one to bring it up. When one party is not fully on board, then the topic can be fraught with tension. Regardless of how the topic might be received, there is no question that having a prenup can greatly streamline a high asset divorce in Florida, if and when that outcome arises.

Understanding how to handle an IRA in a military divorce

In an effort to achieve a swift and less contentious divorce, some Florida couples will choose to process their divorce on their own, without the assistance of an attorney. The shared goal of a collaborative divorce is an honorable one, and deserves respect. However, reaching the end of a military divorce without serious error requires a particular set of skills. This is where legal services come into play, because even the most collaborative couples can still make mistakes that can cost them in the long run.

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