Parenting tips to assist in a potential child custody case

Facing a custody battle is a scenario that no parent likes to imagine. However, for many Florida families, divorce and a resulting child custody determination will be a reality. Just as no one goes into marriage preparing for divorce, no one becomes a parent with the belief that he or she will eventually be fighting over parenting time and responsibilities. There are things that parents can do to put themselves into a good position if that need should ever arise. Fortunately, those same steps will also make a person a better parent, so the following tips are relevant regardless of the state of one's marriage.

One of the most important things that parents can do to improve their child custody standing is to play an active role in the life of their child. Far too often, one parent assumes the role of breadwinner, while the other takes on the bulk of parenting duties. If things end, the parent who spends most of his or her time raising the kids could have an advantage in a custody battle.

Another important thing to be aware of is the risk of parental alienation. This is a hot topic in divorce law right now, but it can also play out within intact families. When a child seems unusually distant or disrespectful toward one parent, it may be because the other is speaking ill of the alienated parent, even in non-obvious ways. In some cases, this is an early sign that the marriage is headed for divorce, and should be addressed to preserve the parent/child relationship.

These are just two examples of ways that Florida parents can work to make their potential child custody position better over time. They also happen to be good parenting habits, even when there are no marital problems at play. In fact, most positive parenting choices are not only good for a marriage, but can also be very helpful in the case of a divorce.

Source:, "A Divorce Lawyer's Top Five Marriage Tips For Fathers", Babak Farzad, June 28, 2017

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