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Parenting tips to assist in a potential child custody case

Facing a custody battle is a scenario that no parent likes to imagine. However, for many Florida families, divorce and a resulting child custody determination will be a reality. Just as no one goes into marriage preparing for divorce, no one becomes a parent with the belief that he or she will eventually be fighting over parenting time and responsibilities. There are things that parents can do to put themselves into a good position if that need should ever arise. Fortunately, those same steps will also make a person a better parent, so the following tips are relevant regardless of the state of one's marriage.

Following tragedy, family faces unexpected child custody needs

The vast majority of custody battles play out between a mother and father who have ended their relationship and are struggling to divide parenting time and responsibilities. There are cases, however, in which the parties differ, and where families are faced with child custody needs that are far from the norm. An example is found in a current case that centers on the murder of a mother and the need to provide care for her three children. Parents in Florida and across the nation find it distressing to even consider such circumstances, but this is an issue that faces a number of families each and every year.

Same-sex parents face a different sort of paternity challenge

When the Supreme Court ruled to legitimize same-sex marriage back in 2015, many couples were thrilled to have the chance to solidify their relationships and begin building their families, in Florida and elsewhere. Even so, same-sex couples still face challenges when it comes to bringing a child into their family. One of those challenges relates to how paternity is determined, especially when both parents are women.

What do you mean I'm not legally the father of my child?

If you are like many others in Florida who choose not to marry (at least not yet) and have a child, Florida does not recognize you as the legal father of your child. You may have discovered this fact when someone denied you some parental right. Neither you nor the mother of your child realized at his or her birth that you needed to do anything other than putting your name on the birth certificate in order to establish paternity.

Track expenses well in advance of military divorce

For Florida spouses who are seriously considering ending their marriage, there is no such thing as being overprepared. In order to reach the most advantageous military divorce settlement, spouses need to pay close attention to current financial status, as well as their projected financial needs for the years ahead. Doing so can help spouses make more informed and, therefore, better decisions when it comes to financial matters, including divorce.

Tips for parents on how to handle child custody

When it becomes clear that a marriage is no longer tenable, many Florida parents are immediately concerned about how a divorce will affect their kids. It is no surprise that going through such a monumental change in the structure of their family will have an impact on children. That said, recent research suggests that the more important factor is how parents handle the divorce and resulting child custody changes.

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