When most Florida parents think about divorce, they do so with a feeling of dread, sure that the change will be a negative one for everyone involved. For parents, the challenges of working through new living arrangements and child visitation can seem daunting. It is important for parents to remember, however, that there are ways to actually improve their parenting skills through a divorce.

In many cases, parents have not been functioning in a healthy relationship for some time prior to filing for divorce. That may have hindered their parenting, even if that change was unintended. Once the marriage is over, both parents may have far more time to focus on their kids. That can have great benefits for all sides.

Collaboration is another area where divorce can lead to improvements. For parents who are able to leave their personal relationship issues behind and focus on their kids, a divorce can lead to better skills in the area of compromise and negotiation. Many parents find that they can work things out with their ex far better than they could during the course of the marriage.

No two Florida families will have the exact same experience of divorce. However, when both are willing to look for the positives and try new child visitation approaches, parenting can actually improve after a divorce. That prospect is a great reason to stay positive throughout the divorce and custody process. For some spouses, having something positive to look forward to can make a divorce easier to manage.

Source: romper.com, “10 Ways Divorce Can Make You A Better Parent“, Steph Montgomery, April 27, 2017