A couple is facing serious legal challenges based on video content uploaded to their YouTube channel. The couple are parents and stepparents to five children, all of whom are featured on various videos involving family “pranks.” As a result of those videos, all five children have been removed from the home, and the parents are facing a serious child custody challenge based on their actions in the videos. The matter has sparked debate in Florida and across the nation.

The family’s YouTube channel, DaddyOFive, contained multiple videos in which the parents played pranks on their children. However, in many of the videos, the kids appeared to be traumatized, often brought to tears as their parents screamed profanity at them. In one video, a young boy is accused of ruining the carpet in his bedroom, although his stepmother had actually poured invisible ink on the floor prior to blaming the mess on the child. Another video appears to show the father holding a handgun.

The content of many of the DaddyOFive videos led YouTube users to demand that child protective services become involved with the family. As a result, all five children were removed from the home. Two of the children have been placed into the care of their biological mother on an emergency basis. It is unclear where the other three children have been placed.

The couple has come out publicly and apologized for their behavior. They’ve made statements asserting their intention to change their parenting choices. However, it is unclear whether the court will agree and allow them a second chance. As with so many child custody cases in Florida and across the nation, the outcome of this matter will depend on a number of different factors.

Source: kwbe.com, “Mom who won temporary custody of her 2 kids after YouTube stars’ “prank” videos says they were abused”, May 5, 2017