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Supreme Court rules on retirement benefits and military divorce

A recent ruling has addressed an issue that faces many military families in Florida and across the nation. The case made its way through the lower courts before finally being taken up by the United States Supreme Court. The outcome clarifies how retirement pay is handled after a military divorce, and gives spouses an idea of how they should plan for their future financial needs.

The ins and outs of alimony in Florida

Getting a divorce can be difficult emotionally. Moving on to something new can be a bit intimidating, especially if your dissolution of marriage leaves you financially strapped. Thankfully, there are Florida residents who may qualify to receive alimony as part of their divorce settlements, which can help them stay economically afloat.

Child custody case centers on prank YouTube video

A couple is facing serious legal challenges based on video content uploaded to their YouTube channel. The couple are parents and stepparents to five children, all of whom are featured on various videos involving family "pranks." As a result of those videos, all five children have been removed from the home, and the parents are facing a serious child custody challenge based on their actions in the videos. The matter has sparked debate in Florida and across the nation.

Father wins lengthy child custody fight over adoption

All Florida custody battles are distressing, for both the adults and the children involved. Some cases are more upsetting than others, however, and cases in which an adoption has been wrongfully processed are among the most difficult. An example is found in a child custody case in which a father recently won the right to raise his daughter, who was placed for adoption without his consent.

Divorce and child visitation can lead to better parenting

When most Florida parents think about divorce, they do so with a feeling of dread, sure that the change will be a negative one for everyone involved. For parents, the challenges of working through new living arrangements and child visitation can seem daunting. It is important for parents to remember, however, that there are ways to actually improve their parenting skills through a divorce.

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