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Higher asset divorces require better strategy

Getting divorced is never easy. Unless you have an air-tight prenuptial agreement, chances are that you and your former spouse aren't going to agree on things like asset division and child custody and support. The greater your overall assets, the more contentious the divorce process can become.

Your best hope for a straightforward and positive outcome will require the assistance of an experienced Florida family law and divorce attorney. A lawyer can help you understand the process of asset division in Florida divorces and what you can expect when the courts finalized your divorce.

Florida's laws make it an equitable distribution state. During a divorce, the courts will do their best to ensure each spouse receives roughly half of the acquired marital assets. Property that you owned by yourself prior to marriage will not be subject to division. However, even if you made substantially more than your former spouse, your personal income will typically not factor into the overall division of assets. This protects both spouses and helps to ensure that you and any marital children can maintain the same standard of living after the divorce.

Complex assets need professional valuation and division

Certain assets may hold emotional value for you or your former spouse. Other assets, like retirement accounts and investments, can be difficult to divide. In the case of non-financial assets, like art or classic cars, it can take professional help to determine their value and how to fairly divide their worth. Your divorce attorney can help you connect with professionals such as classic car experts or real estate appraisers to put a fair and verifiable value on your non-financial assets. By placing a clear price on each asset, you can make the process of asset division that much simpler for the courts.

Complicated assets can make the whole process of asset division a nightmare. Thankfully, with the right attorney and professional help, you can make it easier on everyone involved. When you know the accurate market value of your assets, it is that much more straightforward to decide who gets what for a fair split. In some cases, negotiations may be necessary if both spouses want a certain asset, like the marital home. If you can't come to an agreement in mediation or with the help of your attorneys, the courts will decide. In some cases, that could mean that the home will be sold and the equity split.

An attorney protects your interests in a divorce

The best way to ensure a fair and equitable division of assets during a divorce is to retain the help of an experienced Florida divorce attorney as soon as possible. He or she will advocate for the best possible and fairest division of assets in your divorce. The more complicated and diverse your assets, the more an attorney can do to help you.


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