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Mandatory waiting periods and military divorce

Once a marriage has encountered serious trouble, both spouses have usually put in a great deal of time and effort trying to work things out. No one wants to see their marriage end in divorce, which is why so many military families in Florida and across the nation spend months or even years trying to make their union healthy and happy. However, once the decision has been made to move forward with a military divorce, both parties are usually ready to take that path. Unfortunately, some states require a mandatory waiting period before a couple can obtain a divorce, which can lead to a number of issues.

What is custodial interference?

Sharing custody of your child with another parent, particularly with one with whom you do not get along, can be very difficult. No matter what type of custody arrangement you have, chances are that one or both of you feels like you do not have enough time with your kids. Further, you can feel jealous or bitter when your child is with your ex.

4 reasons you may need to seek modification of custody

If you share custody of your child with his or her other parent, you have already been through one of the most difficult situations parents experience: establishing a custody and visitation plan. Getting through that process can be a source of great relief, and it allows parents to turn their focus to raising their kids instead of arguing over physical and legal custody rights.

Higher asset divorces require better strategy

Getting divorced is never easy. Unless you have an air-tight prenuptial agreement, chances are that you and your former spouse aren't going to agree on things like asset division and child custody and support. The greater your overall assets, the more contentious the divorce process can become.

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