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Everything is not always fair in love, in war, and in the granting of an injunction (or temporary restraining order) for the protection against domestic violence.

The court can provide an injunction for the protection against domestic violence, or a temporary restraining order ("TRO") to protect the party against domestic violence if there is a threat, fear or history of domestic violence to keep people safe in their homes.

However, occasionally one party will use the TRO as a strategy in a divorce or custody case by, at best, exaggerating about an event that occured or, at the worst, outright lying to win the injunction. If there is a history of domestic violence it is difficult to convince the court that the offense did not occur.

The results of the TRO can have devastating consquenses. If granted, the effect of the TRO is often removal from the home, supervised visitation with the children, and temporary custody of the children granted to the other party.  There are additional ramifications, whether intentional or not, which may include an arrest, jail time, and a criminal conviction. Violation of the injunction, however minimal, will likely land the party in jail. Additionally, if the party financially supporting the family is the one in jail, they cannot support the family while incarcerated. 

It often takes time and a good lawyer to modify or dissolve the injunction once a permanent injunction is granted. Don't take a chance on losing more than just the injunction. It is a good idea to talk with an attorney experienced in family law before you become the victim. 

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