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Many people considering divorce wonder if they need to hire a lawyer.  It depends on what you have and what you have to lose.  You only get one chance to put your best case forward.  

Some divorces are simple-no kids, no property, no lawyer, no problem.  In those cases, soon-to-be divorced couples wind up spending more in attorneys fees than the total value of the assets to be divided. There is sad truth to the cautionary tales of bitter divorcees spending $3000 on wedding dishes gifted to the couple and valued at $50 from the Walmart registry.

Don't wait to hire an attorney until after the damage is done.  Often, preliminary decisions regarding custody, timesharing, possession of the marital home, and alimony are made well before trial and often set the stage for the final hearing. Unfortunately, I have heard clients seeking to modify final judgments for more money or more time with the kids wishing they hired an attorney the first time, particularly if the other side was represented by a lawyer and they were not.  You simply cannot compete the legal knowledge and experience of a seasoned lawyer.  Even if you are in the middle of your divorce, it is not too late to seek counsel.  Lawyers are willing to come in at the end.  Just be prepared that a lawyer may have to redo some of the work and you may end up paying more in the end.   

Your best strategy if you are considering a divorce or if you were just served with divorce papers, is to set up an initial consultation with a family law attorney. Many lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss the value of your case. You at least need to know what you are entitled to before you decide to go at it alone. 

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Attorney Amanda Salcido has served her country as a member of the U.S. Army JAG Corp for more than 10 years. Her military experience spans nearly two decades. Ms. Salcido provides professional legal guidance for service members and non-service members alike.

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