Solution Oriented Advocacy

Seeking the assistance of an attorney can be intimidating. Perhaps you hold the stereotypical idea of a lawyer as a self-important grandstander who thrives on impressing others and strives to talk at rather than hear out their clients. Fortunately, not all attorneys are like that. Many recognize the importance of listening and understanding over unhelpful prattle and "legalese."

Attorney Amanda Salcido at the Law Office of Amanda Salcido appreciates the importance of providing a sympathetic ear. With a background in psychology, she strives to help clients feel comfortable discussing sometimes sensitive and personal issues. You can expect her to truly listen to your concerns and understand your fears, worries and goals.

Her role as an attorney spans beyond just your representative in the courtroom. She will also be a valuable adviser and caring legal counselor to guide you through a difficult situation.

Amanda Salcido offers solution-oriented guidance. She is resourceful, dynamic and unrelenting in her devotion to helping clients through difficult legal situations.

A Strong Background Of Wide-Ranging Experience

Experience is critical for success in all areas of the law. Amanda Salcido has more than a decade of experience handling diverse legal matters. She has served our country as a member of the U.S. Army Reserves for nearly 20 years and the JAG Corp for more than a decade. Ms. Salcido applies that experience in her practice, particularly when representing service members or their loved ones in military divorce cases and other legal matters.

Attorney Salcido also serves as a volunteer guardian ad litem, or advocate for children, in family law cases. This experience gives her a strong foundation for advising clients on child custody and paternity matters.

Zealous, Caring And Responsive

Nothing is worse than entrusting an important legal issue to a lawyer, only to later find that he or she is barely involved and treats your case as just one file in a large stack of cases. At the Law Office of Amanda Salcido, your case will not be treated so flippantly.

As a solo practitioner, Ms. Salcido makes it a priority to devote personal attention to each legal matter. She maintains a limited caseload to maximize the value each case receives. You will find her approachable, accessible and responsive.

Sit Down With Lawyer Amanda Salcido

Discuss your legal problem with lawyer Amanda Salcido during a consultation. Dial 863-266-4122 or send her an email to get started. Based in Lakeland, Florida, Ms. Salcido serves clients throughout Polk County, Hillsborough County and the surrounding areas.