Assisting In Stepparent And Relative Adoptions

Every child deserves a happy upbringing with loving, devoted parents. Adoption is a momentous act of love that can enrich both your life and the life of your adopted child.

Stepparents, grandparents and other relatives make the admirable choice to pursue adoption for various reasons. Perhaps you are interested in adopting your stepchild, which could open the door to important legal rights. Or maybe you are a grandparent seeking to adopt your grandchild because his or her parents simply aren't capable of caring for the child.

Grandparents and other relatives often step in when the child has been abandoned, abused or removed to foster care. The parents may be unfit to raise the child as a result of chemical dependency, substance abuse or other criminal behavior. By adopting the child, you are effectively giving him or her a fresh start in life with a much firmer foundation of support and guidance.

Detailed And Dedicated Guidance

While adoption brings many benefits to all involved, the legal process can be challenging. You can turn to the Law Office of Amanda Salcido for guidance. Our law office is in Lakeland, and we serve adoptive parents throughout central Florida, including Tampa and Plant City. As an experienced family law attorney, Ms. Salcido can help you through the process from start to finish, making sure that the correct consents are completed and the proper documentation filed. She handles both contested and uncontested adoptions.

Get peace of mind knowing your adoption case will be completed the right way, with no loose ends or missteps. Contact lawyer Amanda Salcido to get started with a consultation.

Find The Right Solution For Your Situation

In some situations, temporary child custody may be a more feasible solution than adoption — or one step on the road to adoption. Ms. Salcido represents grandparents, stepparents and relatives in child custody proceedings as well as adoptions.

Protect Your Rights As A Father

Fathers' rights can readily be overlooked in adoption cases. Ms. Salcido provides guidance for fathers who have not yet established paternity (that is, legal fatherhood of the child). If the mother of your child is pursuing adoption, as the father, you should not proceed with signing your parental rights away without first speaking to an attorney.

Discuss Your Concerns With Lawyer Amanda Salcido

Learn more about the adoption process and discuss your concerns with attorney Amanda Salcido during a consultation. She can help you chart a course of action that is tailored to fit your unique situation. Call 863-266-4122 or contact her online to get started.