Modifying Your Alimony Payments

In addition to custody and child support orders, alimony payments can be stopped or modified after divorce in some cases.

There are several types of alimony awarded in Florida. Some are modifiable and others are not except in limited circumstances. At the Law Office of Amanda Salcido, we will review your alimony agreement and let you know if you can stop or modify payments. Our law office is in Lakeland, and we serve clients throughout central Florida, including Tampa and Plant City.

When Can I Stop Paying Alimony?

You may be eligible to stop alimony payments in these situations:

  • Your former spouse remarries
  • Your former spouse is cohabitating with another adult

Depending on the type of alimony your ex is receiving, you may be eligible to reduce alimony payments in these situations:

  • You can prove that your former spouse has improved his or her financial circumstances
  • You have retired or have been unemployed for an extended time
  • You are suffering from serious health issues

If you have experienced a change in circumstances that prevents you from meeting your obligations, you cannot reduce your monthly support payments without a court order. Violating your order can lead to punishments that include jail time, license suspension or fines.

You can rely on attorney Amanda Salcido to give you an honest assessment of your case and achieve a favorable solution for your alimony issues.

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