Protecting Your Access To Your Children When You Are Deployed

Deployment creates challenges for military members and their families before, during and after a service member's absence. If you are a divorced service member with children, however, keeping in touch with your children when you are away is probably your primary concern.

Although custody and visitation disputes may be common when divorced service members prepare for deployment, it is not easy to find qualified support for handling these intricate issues. Attorney Amanda Salcido has vast experience with legal and military matters. Our law office is in Lakeland, and we serve clients throughout central Florida, including Tampa and Plant City.

Ms. Salcido has served in the U.S. Army Reserve and the U.S. Army JAG Corps. You can rely on her to advocate for you with integrity and skill.

Enforcing Your Parenting Rights When You Are Away

Your military commitment may prevent you from serving as your child's majority timesharing parent, but you still have timesharing rights. Lawyer Salcido files petitions for service members to modify the terms of their custody agreement to defend visitation rights during deployment.

When you are out of the country, the terms of your visitation agreement may change to protect your children's best interests during this substantial change in circumstances. However, you can request modifications to allow virtual visitation and other changes to allow you to remain in contact with your children.

Court-approved modifications can help you protect your relationship with your children through mandating:

  • Regular and scheduled sessions with your children by phone, text or video conferencing
  • Revisions to your timesharing schedule to coincide with your days of leave
  • Granting timesharing access to members of your immediate family, such as your parents, to meet with your children when you are deployed

Whether you are deployed overseas or living on a base outside the state, you can count on Ms. Salcido to act aggressively when your parenting rights have been violated. Contact the Law Office of Amanda Salcido to learn about your options today.

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