Advocating For Fair Property Settlements

During divorce, large questions loom about how to achieve a fair and just allocation of assets. How can you make sure to come away with a solid enough financial foundation to get back on your feet? What if you haven't worked outside the home? What if all of your net worth is tied up in the marital home, a retirement account or other noncash assets?

Sorting through these questions is no easy task. Fairly splitting assets in divorce requires a careful analysis of your unique situation — including the assets and debts involved, the standard of living during your marriage, the length of your marriage and other factors. While courts in Florida aim to achieve a fair or "equitable distribution" of property, that does not mean it will automatically be 50-50. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for anticipating or proposing a workable outcome.

A Personalized And Problem-Solving Approach To Dividing Assets

At the Law Office of Amanda Salcido, you can expect to receive personalized legal guidance tailored to fit your unique circumstances. Ms. Salcido approaches every property division matter with fresh eyes. She will get to know you and understand your goals.

With extensive experience in both litigation and negotiation, family law attorney Amanda Salcido offers an array of options to protect your rights. She excels at developing problem-solving strategies for both relatively simple cases as well as high-asset cases involving complex issues. She encourages out-of-court resolutions whenever possible to save clients time and money, yet she is always willing and prepared to take cases to court. This balance between compassion toward her clients and aggressive advocacy on their behalf has proven fruitful time and time again.

Understanding The Issues

Property division often centers on assets such as:

Allocation of marital debts can also be an issue for couples with credit card debt, student loans or multiple mortgages. Lawyer Salcido can help you sort through these complex issues and develop a solid course of action for moving forward.

Discuss Your Situation During A Consultation

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