Knowledgeable Military Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be complicated for service members and their spouses. Unique issues arise regarding military benefits and pensions, jurisdiction, relocations and child custody. If you are a military member — or the spouse of a military member — it is critical to seek professional assistance from an attorney who understands the nuances of military divorce.

A Family Law Attorney And Military Service Member

At the Law Office of Amanda Salcido in Lakeland, Florida, Ms. Salcido routinely handles military divorce cases for service members and their spouses throughout central Florida. She is not only a family law attorney, but also a member of the military.

Ms. Salcido has proudly served in the U.S. Army Reserve for nearly 20 years and the JAG Corps for more than a decade.

As a result of this invaluable experience, attorney Salcido understands the issues involved in military divorces. She understands the challenges that service members and their families face. And she understands the legal intricacies that impact military divorce cases.

What If You Or Your Spouse Is Deployed?

Federal law recognizes the hardship that military members endure when deployed or on active duty. Military members facing legal issues at home have important rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. For example, you may be able to delay divorce proceedings until you are able to properly confront them. Attorney Salcido can analyze your circumstances, advise you of your rights and help you develop a strategy that makes sense for your situation.

Jurisdiction can also be an issue in military divorces. The question of which court is empowered to decide your case — and under which state's laws — can affect the outcome. Ms. Salcido can assist you with this and other complex issues.

What About Military Benefits After Divorce?

For many military families, the government benefits and military pension are significant assets. Determining if — and how — to divide these assets can be a difficult undertaking.

Attorney Salcido is well-versed in property division for military couples. She represents service members seeking to maximize the pension and benefits they worked so hard to earn. She also represents military spouses seeking health insurance or retirement benefits to ease the transition into post-divorce life. As a female attorney, Ms. Salcido brings a well-rounded perspective to these issues when representing husbands or wives.

Get Knowledgeable And Perceptive Legal Guidance

As a service member or spouse of a service member, you deserve a strong advocate who understands the challenges military families face. Take the first step by discussing your case directly with lawyer Amanda Salcido during a confidential consultation. Contact her online or by phone at 863-266-4122. Our law office is in Lakeland, and we serve clients throughout central Florida, including Tampa and Plant City.