Dividing Assets In A High Net Worth Divorce

A major issue in most divorces is how the assets will be divided. This is particularly important when the couple divorcing has a great amount of wealth. When the portfolio of assets is complex, it is vital to have a divorce attorney on your side who understands these complexities. Based in Lakeland, Florida, the Law Office of Amanda Salcido represents individuals involved in high-asset divorces.

No Two Divorces Are Alike

In the state of Florida, regardless of the assets or their value, the idea is to distribute them in a fair and equitable — not equal — manner. High-asset divorces are often more complicated because there are generally more assets involved and they are worth more.

Before anything can be divided, all assets and liabilities must first be accounted for and a valuation made. Just as no two couples are exactly alike, nor is their financial situation. Determining the value of assets can be complicated particularly where retirement accounts, pensions and family businesses are concerned. Though not always an issue, it is also important to be aware of situations where your ex may be trying to hide assets to affect the outcome of the settlement.

The Approach That's Best For You

There is more than one way to resolve the division of assets — even when it is a high net worth divorce. While resolving matters out of court may work, there are times when it is necessary to go to court to settle the matter. Whether you have multiple residences, retirement accounts and pensions or a family business, divorce lawyer Amanda Salcido understands this and will take your specific situation into consideration when crafting an approach to get you the best possible settlement.

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