How Divorce Affects Military Pensions

One of the most significant financial issues in a military divorce is division of the service member's military pension. As a service member, you do not want to pay more of your pension than is required by law. As the spouse of a service member, you want your fair share.

The Law Office of Amanda Salcido helps service members and military spouses take the necessary steps to secure a favorable outcome. Founding attorney Amanda Salcido has practiced law in civilian and military courts for years. She uses this background to develop successful negotiation strategies.

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How Does The 10/10 Rule Affect My Settlement?

Florida's equitable division laws determine how military pensions are divided. However, federal laws determine which party is responsible for paying what is owed.

According to the 10/10 law, the military will pay retirement benefits when:

  • Your spouse served for 10 years or more
  • Your marriage and your military spouse's career share a 10-year overlap

If the spouse does not meet the 10/10 qualifications, the service member is responsible for paying the spouse's share.

As a service member, you should seek the help of a knowledgeable attorney so you don't pay more than what is due, especially if you have suffered a disability. In addition, the requirement to divide your military pension does not extend to any portion you earned after the date of your divorce.

Lawyer Salcido accounts for these requirements and other considerations when she represents clients in negotiations and, if necessary, litigation. If you are not able to agree with your spouse on the terms of this asset division, Ms. Salcido will create a strong argument supporting your case in court.

It is important to receive a court order for division of military retirement pay before your divorce is finalized. Dividing military pensions after divorce is time-consuming and expensive.

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