Handling Divorce Disputes Out Of Court

Attorney Amanda Salcido understands that the circumstances surrounding each divorce are different, which is why she offers a variety of approaches for resolving family law disputes. If you want to resolve the issues of your divorce outside of court, Ms. Salcido is qualified to assist in collaborative divorce.

Collaboration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that combines benefits of negotiation and mediation. Engaging in this approach may help you if you were unable to settle conflicts through divorce mediation, which is a required step in Florida's divorce process.

What Is Collaborative Law

Like mediation, collaborative law provides an out-of-court solution for families seeking to avoid negative elements of litigation that include:

  • Litigation's adversarial nature
  • Public disclosure of financial and other personal information
  • Extensive time commitment
  • Limited control over the outcome

Unlike mediation, collaborative divorce offers a system of support to help you make informed decisions about the terms of your settlement agreement. You can rely on these professionals to encourage mutually acceptable outcomes:

  • Collaborative law attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Therapists
  • Child specialists

As your lawyer, Ms. Salcido will promote your best interests throughout your collaborative divorce. She has experience using collaboration to represent clients in matters related to custody and timesharing, child or spousal support, marital property and asset division and other divorce disputes.

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