Resolving The Question Of Alimony

Alimony (also called spousal support or spousal maintenance) is a periodic payment from one spouse to another. It can potentially take place during divorce proceedings but is also often awarded during the final settlement agreement or divorce decree.

Not every divorcing couple ends up pursuing or receiving alimony. Rather, much depends on the circumstances of your marriage, particularly:

  • The length of your marriage
  • Your marital standard of living
  • Your income and that of your spouse
  • Your earning capacity and that of your spouse

Types Of Alimony

Florida law recognizes several different types of alimony, each designed to achieve differing purposes. Permanent alimony may be appropriate when the balance of income and earning power is extremely lopsided between the parties. In those cases, the recipient will likely not be able to earn sufficient income for self-support. Temporary alimony payments may be awarded to help one spouse get back on his or her feet financially and more readily transition into self-sufficiency following the divorce.

Resourceful, Solution-Oriented Representation

Alimony — along with child custody and property division — is often a central issue in divorce. Whether you are seeking an alimony award or opposing it, you should make sure that your rights and interests are protected in this often complex area of family law.

In the Lakeland area of Florida, the Law Office of Amanda Salcido can represent you in all aspects of the divorce process, including alimony determinations. Attorney Amanda Salcido is a resourceful legal practitioner with a wealth of experience in diverse areas of law. Her skill in the courtroom and strategic approach to negotiation allow her to provide problem-solving solutions for clients. You, too, can benefit from her counsel and advocacy.

Ms. Salcido is well-versed in the different types of alimony and the legal standards associated with them. She can analyze your unique circumstances, chart an effective course of action and present a compelling case on your behalf. Whether your case proceeds to trial or resolves through out-of-court settlement, you can rest assured that Ms. Salcido will protect your interests each step of the way.

Understand Your Rights

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