Helping Parties To High-Asset Divorces Resolve Alimony Issues

Whether spousal support or alimony will be sought in the course of a high-asset divorce will depend on the circumstances of the couple divorcing. While not guaranteed in any divorce, if one of the spouses makes significantly less than the other it may be pursued. The Law Office of Amanda Salcido in Lakeland, Florida, represents individuals in high-asset divorces who are seeking alimony from their ex.

Spousal support may be sought by people of all ages and which type will be sought will depend on a variety of factors. While temporary alimony may be sufficient when one is in need of short-term financial help — when for example getting back into the workforce — other times, permanent alimony can be sought. When permanent alimony is awarded, it is generally in situations where the spouse will not ever be able to take care of themselves financially.

Factors Taken Into Consideration When Awarding Alimony In High-Asset Divorces

There are multiple things that are taken into consideration when awarding alimony. In addition to the length of the marriage, you and your ex's income and earning capacity, the standard of living you enjoyed while married will also be looked at. For individuals involved in a high net worth divorce, this can be particularly important — especially if, because of your family's level of wealth, one of you did not work to earn a living.

Securing The Alimony To Which You Are Entitled

As is the case with most family law matters, the issue of alimony may be resolved with the help of a lawyer via negotiation or in the courtroom. To learn more about which approach is best for you, contact attorney Amanda Salcido online, or call 863-266-4122.