Designing An Effective Parenting Plan

Child custody proceedings do not need to be contentious and stress-filled. If you and your estranged spouse agree on basic terms for your parenting plan, finding a mutually acceptable solution can save you time and money. More importantly, handling this matter without the court's involvement allows you to retain control over the process.

When you design your parenting plan, working with a qualified attorney can help you create a strong contract that protects your child's best interests and your parenting rights. Lawyer Amanda Salcido draws on her education in psychology and the law to identify beneficial solutions. She strives to minimize the impact a divorce has on your child's life and limit future conflicts.

What Are The Components Of A Successful Agreement?

With Ms. Salcido's assistance, you can determine whether one or both parents will be responsible for making decisions related to your child's education, health care, physical needs, emotional well-being and social welfare.

Florida courts require parenting plans to include specific information regarding:

  • Explanation of day-to-day responsibilities
  • Weekly timesharing schedules
  • Holiday and summer break timesharing
  • Policies for sharing and receiving information related to education, health care and child welfare
  • Division of expenses for extracurricular activities, including transportation costs, uniform and equipment fees
  • Policies for transporting and exchanging children between timesharing sessions

Whether you choose to share parental responsibilities with your child's parent or seek sole responsibility, attorney Salcido can create a parenting plan that supports your goals.

Ms. Salcido regularly represents central Florida parents in post-judgment actions. Should circumstances change after your divorce is finalized, Ms. Salcido will advocate for a parenting plan modification.

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