Determining Paternity

Paternity proceedings are designed to establish parental rights. More specifically, their purpose is to establish legal fatherhood based on admissions, circumstantial evidence or biological evidence such as DNA testing.

Parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children. Paternity proceedings can help establish that obligation — or avoid its wrongful imposition if you are not the child's father. Paternity proceedings open the door to allocation of parental responsibility through child support and child custody proceedings.

Pursuing Or Defending Against Paternity Proceedings

Fathers and mothers pursue paternity cases for various reasons. Perhaps, as a mother, you are interested in getting or enforcing child support but the father's legal parenthood has not been established. Perhaps you are a father seeking child custody rights. Or perhaps you are an alleged father seeking to defend against a paternity claim.

Whatever your situation, it is important to seek legal guidance to protect your rights and avoid missteps. The outcome of the paternity case can affect not only your life, finances and future, but also the day-to-day life and future of the child involved.

Laying The Groundwork For Success

Whether you are a father or mother seeking legal assistance with a paternity claim, you can turn to lawyer Amanda Salcido in Lakeland, Florida. Ms. Salcido handles a broad range of family law issues throughout central Florida, including Tampa and Plant City. She understands the interplay between paternity, child custody, child support and adoption. She can apply this wealth of knowledge to help you accomplish your goals.

Attorney Salcido represents both mothers and fathers. Her clients include:

  • Mothers seeking to establish paternity
  • Mothers seeking to disestablish paternity for purposes of adoption
  • Purported fathers seeking to disestablish paternity (for purposes of stopping child support obligations and other parental responsibilities)
  • Alleged fathers seeking to defend against custody claims
  • Fathers seeking to establish parental and custody rights

Ms. Salcido's broad base of experience enables her to provide a grounded, well-balanced perspective and maximize opportunities for success.

Protect Your Rights And Explore Your Options

Sit down with attorney Salcido to discuss your situation, explore your rights and learn more about your options. Contact her office online or at 863-266-4122 to schedule a confidential consultation.